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Living Histories Ensemble

Living Histories Ensemble

Oral history and public performance come together to facilitate deep listening and dialogue in the atermath of violence


Collected writings about embodiment, oral history, performance, cultural activism, arts based research and more.

Training with the LHE

Open opportunities to explore theatre for psychological and social change.


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About Creative Alternatives

The Living Histories Ensemble spontaneously transforms everyday stories into theatre. Drawing on practices such as Playback Theatre, Theatre of the Oppressed, and Developmental Transformations, the LHE fosters empathy, insight, and an experience of being in community.

Meet the Ensemble.

Over the past five years, the LHE has evolved practices in oral history and performance through their engagement with a multi-disciplinary, research project entitled: Life Stories of Montrealers Displaced by War, Genocide, and Human Rights Violations. In particular, the LHE has explored how Playback Theatre, as a form of oral history performance, can be situated as a response to trauma, as a form of collaborative, embodied arts based research, and as an approach to collective storytelling.


September 2008 - April 2009: Rehearsal

May 2009: International Life Stories Day

November 5-8/09: Remembering War, Genocide and other Human Rights ViolationsL Oral History, New Media, and the Arts

February 7/10: Responding to Haiti

October 17/10: Montreal Holocaust Memorial Center

March 27/11: AGIR at Articule

April 2011: Rwandan Commemoration

May 5-7, 2011: Cambodia from then to now: Memory and Plural Identities in the Aftermath of Genocide.

June 2011: Itorero

March 10/12: Going Public: Art and Dialogue

March 22-25/12: Beyond Testimony and Trauma: Oral History in the Aftermath of Mass Violence

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Living Histories Ensemble